Travel Outfit : Comfort is key

Outfit Details : 
*tee - Lani
*tie-dyed cover - Audrey 3+1 
(available in-store at Metaphor Boutique)
(available in-store at Metaphor Boutique)
When I travel, I like to travel in comfort. But being comfortable doesn't necessarily mean I can't look stylish as well!

Here’s a travel pro-tip: layout your outfit the night before.

This simple pre-travel prep makes life so much easier… Especially when you have to wake up at the crack of dawn to catch an early flight and you really just don’t want to be fumbling around in the closet trying to think of what to wear.

I’ve found that the easiest and most comfortable outfits for traveling is a variation of:

If you want to look even more polished, accessorizing with a long chain necklace will give your outfit that final touch. In the winter, throw on a scarf!

Traveling in comfort doesn’t have to mean you’re wearing pjs. Lay out an outfit the night before, along with any accessories for an extra little bit of bedazzlement, and head over to the airport in style!

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