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I first met Dani 3 years ago when Metaphor Boutique had just opened. She was a stylish new mom, excited to have found a brand new boutique in her neighborhood. From that first moment, we clicked; two fashion loving kindred spirits together at last!

After a brief stint in Colorado, Dani’s back and has officially joined the Metaphor team and become our resident stylist. If you’re in need of any styling tips, come by on Monday, Tuesday or Friday for a styling session with Dani! But if you don’t have a chance to come by the store, you can follow Dani on her blog ( and her Instagram account for fresh new ideas on all things life+style.

Here’s a little insight into Dani’s fashionable brain ;)

  1. Tell us a little about yourself! Besides being a blogger for, what else do you like to do?
    • My name is Dani and I am a momma to two boys, Weston and Rhyder. When I'm not blogging or working at Metaphor Boutique, you can find me most likely chasing after them! They sure keep me busy and I love being their mom. We love to go to the beach, play with friends at the park and take special trips to the "coffee store" for hot chocolate. I also love to read, window shop, go antique and thrift shopping, and watching the show Friends with my hubby. I love sharing the gift of Arbonne with people, not only are the products amazing but the business opportunity is a blessing and a no-brainer for me! Most days you can find me outside, enjoying all that living by the coast has to offer! 
  2. What is about and where are you based?
    • We live in Oceanside where I grew up, and I absolutely love living by the ocean and close to family. See.Dani.Style came from the creative longing to share my passion for fashion with others. I have long adored all things style and wanted to have a platform to be able to share my personal style, inspirations and all things creative with others. 
  3. How, when and why did you get started with blogging?
    • I came up with the idea to first start a new Instagram account about a year and half ago, one in which I would feature my #ootd (outfit of the day) and inspire like-minded style-loving ladies to be creative with their wardrobes. I was lying in bed *attempting* to nap while the baby did, when the name See.Dani.Style came to me, sort of in the sense of old school Dick and Jane books, you know "See Dick Jump..." etc. I don't know why I thought of that, but it stuck and I ran with it. What started into an Instagram quickly turned into a blog, with the help of my technologically savvy hubby, who created my website and logo. I then started sharing everything from my style to life events, as well as featuring shops and brands which I absolutely love doing. I love supporting small shops with my readers and followers who might not have learned of them otherwise. 
  4. What is the biggest challenge for you as a blogger?
    • I think the biggest thing I struggle with is comparison. It seems like everyone is a "blogger" nowadays and it is hard not to see what they are all up to and feel like I should be doing that too. I have to remind myself, daily, that I am only one person and I need to be true to me. It brings me so much joy working with shops and being creative when it comes to fashion, but if I lose the joy that's when I have to refocus.
  5. What is the greatest joy from
    • Like I mentioned above, my favorite thing about blogging is getting to share with everyone shops and brands that have such amazing people behind the scenes working their hearts out to make and create beauty and art. I love when someone finds a new shop to follow or purchase from by way of my blog and Instagram, it's my own little way of paying it forward and loving on people. 
  6. Who/what are some inspirational companies/fellow bloggers you look up to?
  7. What’s the next step for
    • That's a good question! I have no clue to tell you the truth. And I'm quite okay with that. For now, I'm happy still sharing my heart and my style, inspiring others and just being me. I would love to have my own store one day, one that includes my love for fashion, reading and meeting friends....but we shall see! 

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