Friday Faves - Gray Oversized Jacket

From today's Latest Arrivals (available in-store)
The Short Girl Saga in a gray oversized jacket, short chain necklace by Huckleberry Handmade, long chain necklace by Grey Theory Mill
What can I say? I'm a sucker for oversized jackets. Especially this one we just got in the store. It's perfect for San Diego fall/winter! It's light and roomy and easy to throw on over a skirt and tee, a dress, or jeans and sweater. 
I've been slowly collecting clothes I want to take to Italy next month and this jacket has just made the list! The hubby has limited me to only one medium duffle (so cruel...) so I need to be smart about what I'm going to stuff into the bag... I love that this jacket is thin enough to wear during the day when we're running around being annoying tourists, and yet stylish enough to wear at night to a nice restaurant. Yay! I'm so happy about this jacket!

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  • Barb

    Cute look. Italy?! Yay! Keep it simple, classic and lots of black. Comfy, cute boots. Believe it or not you won’t need much plus you need to shop! :). Excited for you.

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