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Friday Faves - Gray Oversized Jacket

From today's Latest Arrivals (available in-store) The Short Girl Saga in a gray oversized jacket, short chain necklace by Huckleberry Handmade, long chain necklace by Grey Theory Mill What can I say? I'm a sucker for oversized jackets. Especially this one we just got in the store. It's perfect for San Diego fall/winter! It's light and roomy and easy to throw on over a skirt and tee, a dress, or jeans and sweater.  I've been slowly collecting clothes I want to take to Italy next month and this jacket has just made the list! The hubby has limited me to only one medium duffle (so cruel...) so I need to be smart about what I'm going to stuff into the bag......

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Friday Faves - Little Black Dress + Cardigan

From today's Latest Arrivals (available in-store and online) The Short Girl Saga in Audrey 3+1 Everyday Black Tank Dress + En Creme Knit Fringe Sweater + Olive & Pique The Perfect Hat + Grey Theory Mill gold quartz necklace   This is the best time of year; in-between summer and fall! The days are still warm but nights are getting cooler.  At Metaphor, we love outfits that take us from day to night, like this dress and cardigan pairing modeled by Hannah of The Short Girl Saga Blog. Throw on a hat and a necklace and the outfit is complete! 

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